Strictly Anti-Fine Dining, McDonalds in India does offer a local range of naughty fast food that they really should offer to Britain. After all, if our favourite national dish was once chicken tikka masala, why would Brits not want a McSpicy Paneer burger?

I had this yesterday but I am ashamed to say that although it was quite tasty (no I’m not ashamed about entering the establishment) it was WAY too spicy for me and I couldn’t finish it! How pathetic is that?  Last year McDonalds used to offer a McAloo Tikki:

Although this image makes it look 100% plastic it was in fact rather tasty.  I think because McDonalds in India doesn’t serve beef burgers, they don’t have an awful greasy smell that the British ones have and vegetarians are not an after-thought but an important customer group.

Time for another petition this time for UK McDonalds!!


7 Comments to “McDelhis”

  1. Very jealous – I am sitting in London with a very dull tuna sushi

  2. Hi Bubbly,
    Funnily enough, I had my first McD in a very long time this weekend. It was in the middle of the night after a wedding part and we needed something to eat. We walked to a McD drive in and they wouldn’t serve us as we weren’t in a car. I did find this rather amusing as we weren’t asking to sit in but to just order some food from the kiosk.
    I thought money was money and a drive-in would not discriminate against those who didn’t have cars. We weren’t even allowed to ask the car behind us to get the food for us. Quite clearly, if you are on foot, McD’s won’t serve you in their drive-ins!!!
    Shame you didn’t enjoy your burger. I could have done with an Aloo tikki one the other night.

  3. McAloo Tikki sounds brilliant, Do you know if they do a McMasala Fish – if there is then I’m flying over…

  4. Ha ha! McMasala fish would be nice but no, it’s the same old fillet or rubbish as the rest of the world. Perhaps we should give them the idea?

    Bunty, how did you get to McD’s without a car?

  5. Oh Bunty – your comment made me laugh – I cannot believe you weren’t served at a drive-in!
    ~but I dare say your skin was thankful you didn’t subject it to all those e-numbers!
    The only thing McDs does well in this country is fries, McFlurries and strawberry milkshakes, which I believe is made with lard. Ahhhh, that’s the punjabi in me coming out !

  6. Bubbly, we didn’t drive because we were a two minute walk away from McDonalds. Also, the holiday park was closed so we couldn’t get our cars out anyway.
    We weren’t the only ones as there was a group of boys a few minutes later who also tried and were refused.
    Maybe McD’s should consider the environment and not discriminate against those who walk to their drive-ins. Change the name to Midnight Kiosks… I know it isn’t as catchy but at least they can then serve those on foot!!!

  7. Apparently if you are on foot in a drive-thru and they are serving you, if by any chance you get hit by any other car, then they are liable for all the damages!!! Therefore they are strictly forbidden to serve people who are on foot in the drive-thru!! Ssucks for the people on foot since they don’t keep regular restaurant open so late, but makes sense! They should do a take-out only section open in the main restaurant, which stays open as late as the drive-thru, that way they don’t have to clean up after people!

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