Bring A Bottle

I have just been to my first “Bring a Bottle” wedding and I am not so sure if the idea really works or is even acceptable at a wedding.

Usually, you would bring a bottle when you go to someone’s house for dinner or maybe a party, but does this translate to a wedding where you have already paid for flights, accomodation, presents etc…?

For me, no….

I would have preferred a cash bar or an alcohol free wedding. People became very possessive and territorial over their alcohol and quite rightly so. Those who hadn’t brought anything were taking from those who did. I spent the evening drinking water as all the alcohol I had bought had been drunk by other people.

Weddings seem to cost an arm and a leg so I can see that this might have appeared to be a good cost saving idea. Unfortunately, it left a lot of rather disgruntled guests.


8 Comments to “Bring A Bottle”

  1. Bringing your own bottle seems fine to me, but I would not be happy about being left with water!
    I feel sorry for couples that are getting married – my friends recently got married and had a small budget, yet still felt obliged to put on food and drink for 100 people. They will be paying it off with interest for a long time and I almost wish they had bring your own bottle to ease the stress a little.

  2. Shouldn’t it be the other way around ‘don’t bring your own bottle – we have plenty to go around’ wedding. Where the guests are invited to attend a wedding, not forced to turn up with a bottle.

    Anyway its the first I’m hearing about ‘Bring a bottle’ event.

  3. It is an odd idea to ask guests to bring their own bottle. Did the two main families not provide any at all? It does sound difficult to manage.

  4. Oh and by the way – I have stumbled upon your blog and I do like it. I have as a matter of fact added you to my favourite list (which is Congratulations all round. I have also started my first blog named ‘The British Asian Blog’ and I sincerely hope you can visit and engage in my discussions.

  5. They did provide some beer and wine but not enough to last the day. Also not everyone was told to bring a bottle so our bottles kept being raided. A poorly planned wedding I think.
    Thanks The British Asian Blog for all your comments and contribution. Glad you stumbled upon us. Will look at what you are writing too.

  6. Wow, interesting idea. Sounds like the execution of it failed but could have worked if they were a bit more organised and told all guests to bring a bottle! Non-alcoholic drinkers could take along some juice 😉

  7. I have been to a wedding like this before. We were even asked to bring a dish. It worked very well. There was cuisine form pretty much all four coners of the world, everyone over bought alcohol as they didn’t want to run out, and most importantly, it didn’t put the happy couple into debt. Too much showing off goes into weddings these days. It was refreshing to go to this wedding, where the focus was on having fun and celebrating with the happy couple, not how so-and-so had better table arerangements.

    • I am liking this better if everyone was asked to bring a bottle and not just a few. That way there would have been enough to share around and I wouldn’t have been stuck with water.
      Funnily enough, I hosted a dinner party on Friday and everyone came with their bottle after reading this post. The first topic of discussion was this and there was a split decision on whether this was an acceptable request or not.

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