It’s Over

Liz Hurley finalised her divorce to old what’s his name, the Indian chap who no one cares about, in 92 seconds. Is that a record breaker or is that normal?  It takes me longer to make a cup of tea. Apparently they were married for four years time flies when we’re … yawn, where was I?  It took one of my friends two years to get rid of her ex.

Poor old Liz is keeping busy this end of the planet, still banging on about her swimwear line in India and was even promoting her new beau’s fashion boutique in Mumbai.  They even wore matching logo t-shirts to a cricket match, how dedicated! What I do love about Liz though is that she does seem to enjoy her lifestyle and romances and does still look quite glamorous, far too glam for that Aussie.  Is she trashy or just a new woman who doesn’t tolerate miserable relationships?



5 Comments to “It’s Over”

  1. Don’t have much to say about the couple – don’t really know who they are – did read the news on my way into work and to be fair the headlines read ‘Gone in 92 seconds’ well to me that would be the new divorce trend – a quicky.

  2. I likeLiz Hurley – she was a bit of dog when she was younger and now she looks fabulous! I hope to look like her in my 40s. Other than that, I find her and her over-priced swimwear very dull. Glad she ditched that asian guy though – he looked really slimy.

  3. He did look slimy didn’t he?
    Seems like they didn’t have anything worth fighting for if it was all over in 92 secs.

  4. You know what – good luck to her, if things aren’t right only you have the controls to change them, these things should be dealt with quickly and cleanly, there is no real reason for the amount of time it takes to finalise divorce – I mean comparatively it only takes about the same time to become legally married, it is all the periphery which takes hours, days, weeks, months – for a divorce there is no periphery, no invites to pick, no cars to arrange, no divorce dress to be made, so you would expect it to be faster!!!!

  5. Oh and I concur – he did look a little slimy!

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