Nature’s Little Dysons

It is ant season in Delhi, monsoon will be coming soon but until then most houses have a little assistance with these little cleaning busy bodies picking up the crumbs we forgot.

Although I appreciate the help and am fascinated by their group activity and team work, looking at them does make me itch.  I am torn between leaving them alone, wanting to wash them down the drain, fearing the goddess of wealth Lakshmi who is also represented by ants and a greater fear of my sister’s tut tutting at my killing anything.

Everything I do in the kitchen now must be done with precision to minimise the ant invasion as of course they help themselves to your honey, cookies, fruit, you name it.  I even considered putting my box of cornflakes in the fridge (I ran out of Tupperware) as I left the house this morning as I didn’t want to pour a bowl of ants for breakfast…Crunchy Ant Cornflakes, do you think Kellogg’s would be interested?


5 Comments to “Nature’s Little Dysons”

  1. It’s funny but at the same time creepy. Admittedly I have seen these little mini-dysons in action myself during my last visit to South Asia. Wasn’t something I enjoyed but at the same time they did do their job good.

    Here in the UK, many (especially Asians and mostly elder generation) to hide cash under floor boards, carpets and in those places where you just wouldn’t expect anyone or anything to go – if these ants were around here in the UK at the same scale of how they are in India then these would be the richest ants in the world – agree?

  2. How could you even write about killing an ant? They are amazing creatures and I admire their strength and a they have a woman at the top of their gang! I have started putting a blob of honey on a newspaper in a room and they all diligently gather there and work away at it – that way, everyone is happy!

    • Ha ha – Vakeel Bibi: You had to mention quote “they have a woman at the top of their gang!”. In real life or our life I find that we ‘Men or Males’ find that there is a woman at the top level – we just can’t get away and now I feel like an ant too.

  3. A few years ago, there was a giant ant infestation in our area. There were swarms everywhere. It was really surreal. We ran for the ant killer and every shop had run out as the entire community was on an Ant Kill. They lasted for 24 hours and were all dead.How weird!

    I think ants are great creatures but not in my home thanks!!!

  4. I feel like they are crawling into my ears, it’s too much but Vakeel Bibi I like your idea of giving them something sweet to keep them away from other areas. Will try it!

    Thanks British Asian Blog, will check you out too!

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