Taste of London

For food lovers everywhere, Taste of London has begun. It is a three day festival, from 16th to 19th June, celebrating the cuisines and chefs of London all at Regent’s Park.

Your ticket buys you a number of crowns which you can spend at any of the restaurants at the festival. However, be warned. Your crowns don’t buy you much. Quite cleverly, you are enticed to buy more and more crowns as you walk past Le Gavroche, Le Caprice, The Modern Pantry and a special appearance and cooking lesson by Gary Rhodes or another celebrity chef.

There are included free tastings that don’t require you to part with your crowns, but unfortunately, they are not at the most coveted restaurants.

Taste of London does work out to be quite expensive but a lot of fun. A friend described it as a cheaper tasting menu than eating at the Fat Duck and not as pompous.

For me, Taste of London is culinary heaven and well worth a day out.


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