Goodbye Greys!

Stress, wrinkles, enjoying coffee and cornflakes without sugar – all signs of old age. At least now, however, we will enjoy one up over the ticking clock by not getting grey hair.  Hairdressers will cry blasphemy but some wonderfully clever scientists have discovered a way of reversing greying hair caused by the lack of a certain protein.

Going grey young is a trend from my father’s side of the family and while it has taken a while for it to happen to me, I couldn’t beat my genes and my stressed out lifestyle.  I am really glad to hear this news not only as I will look younger for longer but also because it will cut my trips to the salon.

Now if only scientists could discover how to make bikini waxes less painful, any takers?


3 Comments to “Goodbye Greys!”

  1. Bubbs – I think I don’t need to worry about getting grey hair – Yet. Got a looooong way to go before I pop one grey hair out. For us men, I think its less worrying but for women – uffff its a show stopper.

  2. I will go grey gracefully. In about 60 years time. When I am 90 year old.

    Otherwise there is no need.

  3. Ahhh TBAB, you may not go grey but what about balding? Do you have a hairy back? And won’t hair start sprouting out of your nose?

    still rather be a greying woman!

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