Strawberries And Cream

Wimbledon has started, the debate continues of why England cannot produce a Wimbledon champion and the nation tucks into a fortnight of strawberries and cream.

Such is the association of strawberries and cream with this event, that every year, supermarkets report a considerable rise in the sale of strawberries and cream. Once Wimbledon is over, sales go back down to normal levels.

Approximately 2 million berries and over 1500 gallons of cream are consumed at the event, let alone by the nation outside of the event. So how did strawberries and cream become a signature dish for Wimbledon?

According the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, the fruit and tennis signified the start of summer. In 1877, when the first tournament was played, it was fashionable to eat strawberries and they were only available during the early summer months. It was a coincidental meeting of the two and they have remained a match made in on the common.

Today, the variety of strawberry served at Wimbledon is Elsanta. It is grown in Kent, picked the day before and arrives at Wimbledon at 5.30am every morning.

My mouth is salivating as I tuck into mine. Hope you enjoy your strawberries and cream….


One Comment to “Strawberries And Cream”

  1. Mm they are a perfect combination. Wimbledon is great except I don’t have as much time to watch it since sciver uni days are over. I also don’t have a TV. I would love to be good at tennis but I have pathetic wrists and no muscles featherweight badminton for me!

    My sister claims to be really good at tennis except I have never seen her play. She could try to play for Britain I’m sure my mum would love to see her in a mini skirt…

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