Dorian Gray 2.0

Several newspapers are running a story today about a dating website dedicated to self-defined beautiful people accidentally allowed 30,000 ugly people to become members. How accidentally? A virus of some kind planted by a disgruntled employee apparently.

If someone wants to join they have to upload photos and so on and existing members get to decide who gets in – haven’t these people grown up yet?  I find this concept of dating site so offensive it’s like high school bullying. I’m not a fan of dating sites in general but understand some people want to find a partner that way.

Surely beauty is subjective? My friends and I hilariously disagree on preferences but it’s comforting to know there is someone for everyone.  If these people are so beautiful why do they need a dating site?  Are they so busy looking at and congratulating themselves that the rest of their personality is under-developed?  Ugly on the inside.

By the way, I’m not saying who the website is as I don’t see why I should promote them further, you can read the story here.


6 Comments to “Dorian Gray 2.0”

  1. Hi Bubbly, I read the article and had very similar sentiments to yours. Who can decide what is beautiful and who is not? Certainly in my friend circle there are not many celebrities that we can all agree are ‘beautiful’ or not, and usually we agree to disagree, bringing the point back that beauty is subjective. Given the narcissistic nature of people, this website does not come as much of a surprise, what is more surprising is that people would want to put themselves through the heartache of being ‘rated’ (according to the website the person who submits their photo is ‘democratically rated’ to confirm they are indeed beautiful). I just wonder how illegit we can make it. Surely if I trawl through the internet, stick a picture of some random person on it I am in? Also, the login page has a lion, how did he get in? 😉

  2. What a ridiculous website – the ugly people that put themselves on it deserve each other.

  3. I suppose there is a certain type of person that we can all accept is “beautiful” even if he is not your cup of tea. Eg I think Justin Timberlake is a hound but apparently he’s very popular. Equally I think Brad Pitt has awful skin and weird nose, but I accept he is beautiful to many people. No-one disgusts me quite like Usher (shudder) and yet women queue up to see his puny torso.

    I prefer big fat hairy rugby boys.

    My friend like small skinny asian guys – lucky her, they are everywhere!

  4. p.s. I’ve read this is just a publicity stunt – the same website did something similar around christmas time apparently and more than tripled its membership

  5. Well it certainly got the publicity. What a sad piece of publicity though! yuck!

  6. What do you all think of websites generally? I have recently become single again in my 30s and am thinking about going on them and would be grateful to hear any comments!

    Obviously I am too good-looking to join the website referred to above.

    My friends have told me that people only go on to have sex – my friend was recently dating someone she met on match and then realised that the guy had kept his profile up and was still contacting random women even though they had both agreed to cancel their memberships. And i’ve heard harmony is full of saddos.

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