Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas has been made into a star-studded film which will be released next year, you simply must read the book by David Mitchell before Hollywood massacres the story!

I must admit however the book does take a moment to get used to but stick with it and you will soon be recommending it to friends. Cloud Atlas is written as a series of stories using different genres, styles and narrators. Each story is finished on a cliff hanger which I hated as by then I loved the character and needed to know what happens next ..  but persevere as you will meet those characters again.

The stories can be as different as a travelling lawyer in 1800s, a young composer in 1930s to a crime thriller and even science fiction. Even if you don’t particularly like any of these genres it doesn’t matter as Mitchell is only using them to bring to you an exciting and fabulous read with subtle references to traditional concepts like good and evil.

Not sure Tom Hanks is going to do a good job of it but I will definitely watch the film and hope it does the book justice!


2 Comments to “Cloud Atlas”

  1. I read this book years ago and all I can remember about it was that it was a bit nuts.. Maybe it’s time to read the book again before Tom Hanks massacres it.

  2. I loooove this book and you’re right, it is a little nuts but not as crazy as Murakami – that dude is off his head

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