Zip Your Lips

A Dutch court ruled yesterday that the right-wing politician was not guilty of inciting hatred but his comments came under free speech.  While Islamic groups in The Netherlands won right of appeal the politician is declaring a day of victory for freedom of speech (a pretty over-used declaration).

The politician compared the Quran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and called for a halt to Muslim immigration.  While I think all types of right-wing extremists have jaded views I do think he is right to also declare that he won the right to debate Islam in public. I am a Muslim and agree with him that Muslims (or at least the vocal ones) go hysterical instead of engaging in rational debate.  My sister and I often say this to my mother – she is a very intelligent woman with amazing views and educated opinions on history, politics, current affairs you name it but when it comes to Islam she can’t criticise it at all which my sister and I find difficult to accept.

Muslims go on and on about how Islam is not like this nor like that but give me break, Islam does have very questionable rules with regards to women and other issues which simply do not fit in with modern thinking.   The religion and people who follow it should not be so insecure when it comes to defending or explaining it.  All religions have odd rules but what I have found is that whereas religious leaders of other religions calmly explain their various texts, Muslim ones react very negatively and aggressively.  Please put the gloves (or fatwas) down and let’s talk…over tea?


4 Comments to “Zip Your Lips”

  1. Bubbly, thank you so much for writing this. It is great to get a critical viewpoint on a very sensitive subject and for someone to open the arms on discussion.

    All religions have elements that do not agree with modern day society. Hinduism and Jainism have so many dated practices. However, if we cannot address these issues and move forward with the times, there is soon going to be a generation that will be leaving these religion. One only has to look at Christianity to see how the Church of England in this country really struggles to encourage religion amongst the younger generation.

    Put the kettle on…

  2. I think the problem with religion is that it is all simply out-dated. If you look at the Anglican church which does anything to appear to be modern in order to attract new members (eg appointing female and/or gay ministers), older members are queuing up to leave and join the Catholic church, which remains comically backward. The Anglican church would be unrecognisable to the founders of the cult.

    If you modernise any religion then you are saying that the religion is fundamentally wrong – then why bother to follow any of its rules?

    Am I making sense … eg moderate muslims do not accept the practice of men having four wives. The basis of this is that this old rule is outdated and had no place in a modern monogamy-favouring society. If the rule is out dated you are accepting that the religion itself is old-fashioned and unable to move with the times then why should I bother with any of the other rules?

    But I agree, you cannot have this debate with a muslim. I mean do they seriously not eat pork because some bearded fellow banned it hundreds of years ago for god’s sake? I’m a veggie so I hate the stuff anyway but I can’t believe any woman chooses to live her life according to a set of rules written by a man to favour his own sex.

    • Hi Vakeel Bibi,
      You are making sense and thanks for this response.
      I think you have made a valid point here about the term “rules”.When religion is seen as a rule, as law that cannot be disobeyed then it is not open to criticism. But like all rules, they need to be updated to reflect changing societies. If religion could be seen as a set of guidelines that are applied, then it would be subject to constant review and updates and would keep up with today’s society.
      I am of the mind that my religion does not rule me but I merely see it as a set of guidelines that I have grown up with.

  3. But even laws get updated. I don’t understand the hysteria surrounding the rules in any holy book. Why do people opt to believe they are divine and unquestionable rather than man-made or at least man-interpreted and written?

    Even more odd are the women who believe a just and fair god would decree they are not equal to men.

    I know debated wacky religion in

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