The Facebook Feud

The Winklevoss twins don’t seem to give up. The Harvard rowing brothers are launching a new lawsuit against Facebook claiming that the global social networking site “intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence” during their previous litigation.

Originally, in 2003, they launched a case against Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, for stealing their idea.  A five years court battle was financially settled in 2008 with a deal worth around $65m (£41m) But now they want more…

I can’t help but think how bitter and greedy these twins are. I appreciate their grievances and I too would be fuming if someone stole my idea, but, at some stage, you need to stop and get on with your own life.

If Zuckerburg did steal their idea, then surely the £41 million settlement compensated the twins regardless of evidence with or not withheld. Who is to say that left in the hands of the Winklevoss brothers that this social networking site would have even been successful nevermind a global phenomena. Is it not Zuckerburg’s IT intelligence, entrepreneurialism, passion, dedication and understanding of social networking that has led to the succcess of Facebook. Do the Winklevoss brothers have any of these attributes?

Greed and envy can be very destructive. In this case, I fear that the twins cannot let this one go. Good entrepreneurs are never shy of ideas. £41 million is substantial capital to finance another venture and not live their lives in pursuit of something that really isn’t theirs, despite the origins.

The Facebook feud continues.


One Comment to “The Facebook Feud”

  1. The brothers only get in the media due to lawsuits I agree they should start their own venture. If they settled they should get over it. Were they only one trick ponies? Even still they invented Facebook as an internal college tool they never had ambitions to roll it out.

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