The Price Of Nesting

I heard today that Victoria Beckham (Posh) spent $50,000 on the nursery for her unborn baby girl.  I was rather intrigued to find out what made up this overly expensive nursery and then learnt that she bought a changing table worth £1,584 to be exact and a wardrobe worth nearly £7k.







Whilst I may think this is rather excessive, I do have to remember that she and her husband probably earn this in half a week and $50,000 to her is probably the equivalent of  what $500 is to us.

Of course she wants the best for her daughter. Who doesn’t? During this nesting period as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her daughter, the accumulation begins. How far you go really does depend on your budget.

I did a brief stint working at Mamas & Papas, a store solely dedicated to first time parents. Why, first time parents? Because normally, you will only spend an exaggerated amount on decorating your nursery once. By the time you have had your second child, you have realised that half the stuff you bought the first time round was a waste of money and most things you can recycle and use again or you will have found plenty of sites which sell nearly new stuff at a fraction of the price.

The most expensive room set was £5k which included a cotbed, wardrobe and a chest of drawers made out of oak and some room accessories. I remember the store I worked at selling about 3 or 4 a week. Then we would go into the pram and pushchair department. A new parent would walk away having put nearly £6k to £7k on their credit card convinced that they needed all of these things.

Regardless of what each parent spent on their nursery, they would all walk away in a nervous excitement awaiting the arrival of their newborn. So I am guessing that Posh’s spending spree is that of an excited parent to be about to have her first girl.



One Comment to “The Price Of Nesting”

  1. kids are expensive period. Where do they live, posh and becks? bit confusing with the currencies in the article.

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