Low-End Thighs

It has been reported that among the ranting and raving racist comments allegedly being shouted by John Galliano, which led to his downfall in the world of fashion, he shouted at his victim that she had low-end thighs.

I am interested to know, perhaps you are too, what makes high-end thighs.  Does this image provide an indication of the thigh type we should all aspire to?

Everyone has bad days and stress gets to them, it’s a shame he didn’t limit his insults to ridiculous but hilarious gems like that.


5 Comments to “Low-End Thighs”

  1. Is he wearing tights?

  2. I know what makes low end thighs – my cousin discussed this on Sunday .. we were walking around Hampstead (not the Heath, but from bar to bar) and low end thighs are so fat they rub against one another when you are walking. I’m sorry for the lovely image but I am not eating cake until 2012.

  3. I have low-end ankles just now they are covered in loads of itchy mosquito bites poor me. By the time the scars go I will be back in India for more.

  4. Cankles are low end ! Women with cankles really ought to wear trousers.

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