Fireworks For Finance

Many States in the USA have reduced the regulations regarding fireworks sales in order to increase demand and hence income from licences and taxes.  Perhaps their most special friend, Britain, should follow the example so we can all light fireworks to help raise funds for the pension gap and the NHS?

To help the effort I thought up some catchy firework names:

Banker Bombs

Expenses Fiddling Fountain

Petrol Prices Rocket

Light a firework your country needs you!


3 Comments to “Fireworks For Finance”

  1. … and beautiful Catherine Middleton Wheels!

  2. Lol bubbly!! Fireworks are lovely. Tho i do prefer to go to big displays rather than buy my own & attempt to light my own. Wouldnt mind a little sparkler….they’re so cute.

  3. We are not allowed to buy fireworks in our house as they are extremely harmful to the environment.

    How about dole queue sparklers!

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