Prince Rocks Hop Farm

Beyonce may have rocked Glastonbury, but last night, the one and only Prince rocked an audience of 50,000 people at Hop Farm Festival in Kent in a performance that even Beyonce would have taken a back seat at.

I am biased, I am a huge Prince fan and have seen him time and time again. What I love about him the most is that even on the same tour, every concert is different. He has a huge catalogue of hits to choose from not only as a performer but as a writer.

He seems to be the only man I know that oozes so much sex appeal, that he can make even the straightest of men,  bordering on homophobia, wanting to have a piece of him.

If you are a festival goer and have never heard of Hop Farm Festival then it worth keeping an eye out for its line up. Yesterday’s line-up included Tinie Tempah, Larry Graham Band (who are amazing) and Imelda May.

The festival itself was over 3 days but I am not someone who can handle 3 nights camping at a festival. The loos and hygiene of it all really doesn’t wash with me. However as a day out it was really good fun and I was surprised at how clean the toilets were especially as it was the last day.

Getting out of the festival took quite some patience with 3 hour tailbacks. But after a fun day listening to some fantastic music, Prince was pumped up in the car as we made our way back to our beds.


3 Comments to “Prince Rocks Hop Farm”

  1. I really could not fancy a man that I am taller than .. And I’m only 5 foot 5!

    Sorry Bunty but at 24 I don’t really remember Prince and so don’t see what the big deal is with him. I guess some of his old music is ok. And didn’t he beat up his wife ..nice little angry man!!!

  2. Bunty – I love that you love Prince .. but sex appeal? I do not see it! He was a legend though, anon up there doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

  3. Prince is a favourite of mine too but I don’t think he’s sexy at all. No competition for you bunty he is all yours.

    So jealous I missed the festival!

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