The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released on bail and freed from house arrest as the case against him collapses thanks to his victim’s past and our prejudices.

The victim has a shady past and so now, according to an article in the New York Times, although the police privately believe DSK probably is guilty it will be a difficult case to win.  The police compared it to cases such as when prostitutes are raped where the perpetrator can often get away.

Across the international media the case is becoming a trial of Rich v Poor, USA v France, Muslim v Jew and so on.  It’s a bit much really, it’s a rape case involving a high profile individual I never read about it and thought all those things least of all Muslim Vs Jew.  So our Maid In Manhattan is not Jennifer Lopez, a hard working single-mom just looking for love and some Ralph Lauren, she made mistakes in her past and now she will see that those mistakes will cost her justice.  It’s an interesting message that we send out that reformed criminals – she is working after all – cannot be victims of crime.

I don’t know much about NY law (despite watching endless hours of Law and Order, what a waste) but if criminals can have their past protected so as not to prejudice juries against them, why not have the same rules for the victims?


3 Comments to “The Girl Who Cried Wolf”

  1. Hmmm although I did not practice criminal law, from memory things are very different in our fine country. I think the character of any witness or person charged is only brought into the court if that witness puts themselves out as being holier-than-thou. So, if DSK said “look at me, I do all this lovely work with the local boy scouts, I’m a lovely chartiable guy” then you are allowed to say “this guy also admitted to cheating for an exam at university” etc And also, I’m not sure if this even applies to the victim.

    Rape is an act of non-consensual sex. That means even a disgusting paedophile murderer can still be raped.

  2. It is interesting how news travels some of the Indian press reported today that the victim actually IS a prostitute not that she lied about a previous rape.

  3. Bubbly, for me what is really sad here is that the police seem to think it is ok to liken this to a prostitute rape. There is no protection for victims. It is like saying they deserved it.

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