No, not George Michael’s or even William Wallace’s.  The Freedom I’m talking about is by Jonathan Franzen and it is a must-read.  It is a story about a particular marriage but it is so much more than that!

Franzen gives us a great insight into contemporary American life in a fabulously witty, scathing way. I don’t want to give too much away as I hate it when book reviews do that – just read it and I promise you will enjoy it.  It will have some meaning to your own family life as we all face the same problems and have the same arguments. The only bad thing about this book is that I’ve finished it and on Franzen’s past record I’ll have wait nine years for the next one.

A few points to note however, if you have already read The Corrections, Franzen’s super successful Oprah Winfrey recommended book, then you may think Freedom is not as good … I would agree but I am still recommending Freedom, you just have to rid yourself of preconceived prejudices.  Also, the book is long so if you’re taking it on holiday it’s definitely one for the Kindle (do Kindles and sand mix well?)


5 Comments to “Freedom”

  1. Im planning a holiday so will add this to my list of things i need. I think kindle’s are amazing but there is nothing like a good paperback.

  2. Another one to add to me list of books that I don’t get a chance to read. Thanks Bubbly. x

  3. I agree with you Bubbly, Franzen hasn’t really written anything worthwhile since The Corrections .. I have just started reading Freedom after your recommendation and it is really fun to read.

    Even though I think to myself that I don’t really care that much about the story I feel compelled to go back and read more and more!

  4. Just finished reading this after your recommendation – great book – unbelievable characters. I think this book will have more meaning for you if you’re in your 40s

  5. Sounds like this is a book I must read!!!

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