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Don’t you feel sick at recent developments in the phone hacking scandal? It is truly scandalous that it is now alleged that News of the World hacked into Milly Dowler’s voicemail. Apparently the hacker deleted messages to make space for new messages to come through. What on earth qualifies a hacker to determine what is a relevant message? What if the police concluded that Milly had simply run away? Milly’s poor parents would have been given false hope that she was still alive. Although Sienna Miller et al have had their privacy similarly breached, this is not the same. Celebs and politicians are used to intrusions to their lives but this recent story is disgusting.

What should be done? The hacker, the journalists that hired him and the then acting editor should all be facing prison sentences. Rupert Murdoch should be prevented from gaining more power – a question avoided by David Cameron today. And, we should not buy The Sun, NotW, The Times or Sunday Times – punish News International through your pennies!


13 Responses to “Tabloid Twits”

  1. Yet we know nothing willl be done as our police force are intimidated by News International and our politicians are too!

    David Camerson is good friends with Rebecca B – and a darling of Rupert Murdoch – they won’t do anything to her even though it would have been impossible for this story to have gone to print without the editorial team knowing phone hacking was going on.

    In fact she’s just been “put out to pasture” and taken time out to try for a baby. Whatever!

  2. Yes this is immoral. There needs to be strict code of ethics in how the media behave. Freedom of is press is important, but not when it exploits and abuses individual’s rights. Politicians will not take action as they depend on the media as their ‘campaigning’ tool.

  3. Hi Bubbly,

    There was a phone in on Radio London about this and the general consensus of their listeners was that it was extremely underhand and many are boycotting The News of the World and one person the whole Murdoch empire.

    It isn’t just tabloids though. There were enough stories about the broadsheets and how they gather their news too.Self regulation by the press isn’t working.


  4. If anybody’s interested in signing the petition against the Murdoch deal to take over BSkyB which will make them one of the most powerful media empires in the world, then here it is.

  5. Thanks Bunty – I’ve just signed the petition!

  6. I signed it too hope it makes a difference we do live in a sham democracy.

  7. Well there is an emergency debate being held in the Commons as we speak. So far there has just been a call for Rebekah brooks to resign.

    Since your article apparently others victims of crimes have had their personal info hacked into and there’s an email proving Coulson authorised direct payments to the police for info!

    Major advertisers have pulled out of Sunday’s NotW. I hope this is not something that is simply forgotten in the future!

  8. To be honest – I think we have just seen the tip of the ice burg. News of the World have simply gone beyond the limits and it will be interesting to see what happens to them.

  9. I think nothing will happen to NotW. Ah the cynic! It’s the biggest selling English language newspaper in Europe. Murdoch may have to sack a few people – he’s currently pretending to be appalled by the whole thing! And then we will all forget and start buying it again!

  10. Well what a deeply disturbing can of worms.
    Rebekah Brooks has not resigned. She is leading the internal inquiry. Can just see her now pushing all those budgets she has signed under the rug in her office.
    Cameron wants a public inquiry. To point extent is that going to make a difference? Like with most public inquiries, they cost a lot of money, get read, put on a shelf and life carries on with nothing changed. Money well spent again!!!
    Petition has reached 100,000. I really do hope that Murdoch’s bid is not successful.
    Fleet Street culture has to change. There has to regulations that are passed and the PCC board all need to be sacked and re-recruited.

  11. News of the World is closing. Too many advertisers have pulled out. This Sunday will be its last ever issue and all the money from the sales will go to charity. Personally I would rather give to the charity and not via the News of the World.


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