Made In Britain No More

Yesterday’s news on Bombardier losing the contract to make Thameslink trains, made me howl with anger.

For so long now I have listened to how this government’s strategy on economic recovery and core to this was to resurrect and protect manufacturing. It’s failure to support Bombardier’s bid and allow the contract to fall into German company Siemens hands is a great and devastating blow to British manufacturing, economic recovery and British skillsets.

I work in the heart of British manufacturing in one of the industries that lost its trade to Asia overnight. The textile and garment industry. The dreaded impact was the loss to UK’s GDP, loss of skillsets and loss of investment into the country.

An industry such as construction, has some of the same problems with skillsets and finds itself importing them because large construction companies cannot find the skills in the UK.

When will this government and the Oxbridge economic graduates learn that if we make products to sell, we have income, we have skills and we can create jobs. If the government doesn’t want people to sponge of the state, then they need to start helping British companies win contracts in Britain and not keep handing them out across world.

I appreciate we live in a free economic world but I do feel in times of such austerity charity begins at home. We manage to ensure British arms sales abroad but we cannot ensure British manufactured trains in Britain. The 1500 jobs that are going to be lost are going to be hitting the dole queues and benefits office.


Nevermind, they can become an apprentice and have no job to go to in 2 years.


3 Comments to “Made In Britain No More”

  1. Bunty – I could not agree with you more, I think it is disgraceful that we do not support British industries more in our country. As a bonny Scot, I always try and buy Scottish produce whenever I can (Nairns oatcake biscuits, Scottish Cheddar and Irn Bru … ahh the good stuff).

    However, and I cannot believe that I am sticking up for the Tories here, I believe that if the Tories did as you propose in your article, they would be acting unlawfully as member state governments are prevented from backing any particular private sector bid for work in a European free market.

    I could be wrong on this, but in order for our government to give British work to British industry, we would have to come out of Europe .. which may not be a bad thing given the state of things on the Continent!

  2. Vakeel Bibi, I find it amazing that French and German companies get awarded big contracts by their own governments and they are part of the EU. There are loopholes and we should take advantage of them to support and resurrect manufacturing in this country.
    This contract has been awarded on the best value for the tax payer. How can putting 1500 on the dole and wiping out an industry be better for the tax payer. It is all spin and I am so tired of it.

  3. Wasn’t Britain’s last greatest rail legacy the euro tunnel and before that the Indian railway? It doen’t have a great history but yes I agree that we should have tried to keep the contract in Britain.

    How does Germany manage to remain competitive? They still manage to manufacture cars and so on despite high labour costs and living costs. From what I have read in the past, the German workforce agreed to not take excessive wage increases is this true?

    I wonder if in manufacturing Britain has just lost the plot, Tata bought Range Rover and have turned it around into profit with sales soaring. It’s bitter sweet seeing them whizzing around the streets of Delhi as I wish the company was still British, a bit daft really but I do.

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