Ooh La La!

You cannot deny that there are certain things French women do fabulously: have affairs with politicians, skipping meals for cigarettes and black coffee .. and wearing scarves. French women wear scarves in their teens and continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Copy and steal!

Finishing an outfit with a scarf can bring instant colour to a dull outfit e.g. top off a cheap black vest with a scarf and you will look simply lovely darling. Don’t forget it can also keep you warm without suffocating you in this hot/cold weather!

The trick is the way you wear it – youtube has plenty lessons for you to follow but my favourite it keep it looking simple and effortless. Fold the scarf on the diagonal. Circle a finger with your thumb and pull the scarf through it and simply tie it round your neck in a double knot. Do not be scared to knot it a little tightly. If you are wearing a scarf with a print then you may need to adjust it so you can see part of the design.

Of course the only scarf to have is made by Hermes but if you don’t have £3-500 lying around then Aspinals do gorgeous 100% silk scarves around £100 and cheaper.  Hobbs are also having a fantastic sale selling their silk scarves for £35 so you don’t even need to stress about getting make-up on it! And, if polyester is something that your neck is willing to endure, you can pick up £5-10 versions in H&M, Accessorize etc.



2 Comments to “Ooh La La!”

  1. I felt inspired by your article and am wearing my Hermes scarf today which is normally just sitting in its beautiful orange box!

    The only problem is that my job sometimes means that I have to transfer documents in a wheelie bag and then I look like an air hostess.

  2. Bubbly I love this post. Vakeel Bibi, you are too funny. I am imagining you work for Virgin or BA now!!!
    I have worn scarves from a very young age and love them. Recently, mine too have gone to the back of the wardrobe. I am going to dig them out again.

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