Calorie Counting

Imagine going for a lovely meal with a date, partner or a friend and you look at the menu and each item has a calorie count next to it? What do you choose, the lowest calorie dish or the dish you really want to eat despite the calories? How would you feel that the person or people that you are dining with can see how many calories you are consuming?


Laugh as you may, but this could really happen. Calorie counting on menus is popular amongst top end restaurants and brasseries in New York and other American cities and now has hit the UK. Michelin Star chef Alex Gauthier introduced calorie counts to his menu in his Soho restaurant Gauthier last week.

The thought of walking into a restaurant and seeing calorie counts on the menu is something I find rather off-putting. I say this only because eating out is not a regular occurrence for me. When I go out, I put the “watch what I eat” to one side and enjoy the meal in front of me. If I was going to an expensive restaurant, I would definitely want to eat what I want without the calorie devil breathing down my neck and upsetting my subconscious. I can only see this being a benefit to those people who eat out regularly.

I appreciate that for some people, this is worthy information but surely those who are regular calorie counters, they have a fair idea of the calorie content in most foods.  I am quite weight conscious. I am not the slimmest person in the world and my weight often fluctuates from being reasonably ok to having a rubber tyre. I watch what I eat at home so one of the pleasures of going to a restaurant is to indulge and I do not want to sit around the table discussing or assessing calories.

Even for the hardened dieters, aren’t calorie counts on the menu, a step too far?


6 Comments to “Calorie Counting”

  1. I was out last night with a friend and we went to an Italian – my mate is currently trying to lose weight for a summer holiday.

    Now she is a regular yoyo dieter (as I am) and ordered a sea food pasta dish and said “that’s probably about 500 calories isn’t it?” WELL, she would certainly benefit from a calorie count next to the menu.

    I have mixed feelings about this – yes it would take some of the enjoyment out of eating – but as someone who eats out a lot and finds it hard to stay slim, the numbers would help me remember that courgette fritters are not good for you simply because they are a green vegetable!

  2. mmm…
    maybe there should be two menus – those with the calorie counts and those without.
    Something I heard the other day was that calories counts are only part of the weight solving issue. Different calories impact your body in different ways. Some calories are stored as fat so as soon as you introduce carbs into your diet regardless of the calories, it will be stored as fat.

  3. I think it would be more helpful to remind people to drink water. Apparently it takes 1ml of water to burn 1 calorie which is one of the reaosns we are meant to drink about 2l of water per day. I have to chase my sis to drink water which she does grudgingly, like medicine.

    • This is very true. In Europe most restaurants provide jugs of water free of charge. I wish I had a memory jog to drink more water as I like your sister Bubbly am poor at drinking water. Bunty

  4. I haaaaaate drinking water – what is the point? What is it supposed to taste of? I mix mine with Ribena but that rots your teeth!

  5. Since Pret have been labelling their sandwiches with calorie counts, I have realised that my favourite sandwich that I’d eat a couple of times a week is 750 calories!!!

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