News Of The World Closing

Just in case you have not seen comments on Tabloid Twits. The News Of the World have just announced it is closing in the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal. Major advertisers have pulled out including Ford, Sainsbury, Specsavers, DFS.

The last ever edition of the paper will be on sale this Sunday with proceeds going to charity.



5 Comments to “News Of The World Closing”

  1. Ohhhhh my god! Rupert Murdoch certainly doesn’t want anything to get in his way of buying BSkyB does he – this is incredible. I hate that newspaper – good riddance.

  2. murdoch as give in to early my hunch is that the intent was to close it and run the sun 7 days that he will save money and make more profits, and of course he will pay no tax

  3. I wonder if this was a legal move – to avoid operating and defending themselves at the same time. I still believe there is more to News of the World saga than what we have just seen. However, Mr Mudoch is a clear bloke and the BSkyB deal is worth more than the fighting to save the reputation of News of the World.

    Either way, the idiot will get his way.

  4. Maybe with the News of The World closing we’ll actually get some decent newspapers on the stands… or maybe not. The explosion of tabloid press is sickening. People have become too obsesed with celebrity culture, probably to the detriment of their own personal lives.

    Of course NoTW were using dishonest means to get scoops of celebrity’s private lives. How else would they get that information??? I’m glad the paper has gone. Now it’s the turn of the rest of the gutter press.

  5. Hardly! The Sun is just going to come out on a Sunday isn’t it?

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