Plane Awful

An article in the Guardian earlier this week discussed how BA and other airlines have called in celebrity chefs to improve club class fine dining.  Of course no special treatment for those of us who temporarily at least have to fly economy.  So we have been asked to treat the awful food served to us during flights as a part of the travelling experience as it is the only place you will ever agree to eat such pig slop.

While I always try to look on the bright side of life I disagree that we should have to suffer in silence as if airlines are doing charitable service by feeding the needy.  Flying, even in economy, is expensive and if we’re at the mercy of airlines during long-haul they should treat us better or give us a microwave and we will heat our own food.  And although many airlines are not longer state owned I can’t help but judge countries by their poor taste in airline cuisine and am often shocked which countries perform badly (Italy).

The worst I have eaten is on Austrian Airlines to Delhi who served up what was to be expected: bland, tomato-based mud balls with some of last month’s leftovers (one of my best friends is a chef specialising in delicious Austrian food and she may strangle me).  The best airline food I have had was on Thai Air, it was so beautifully fragrant, seemed fresh and included prawns and mangoes in the menu, yummy…please sir can I have some more?

Learn something, Gate Gourmet!


4 Comments to “Plane Awful”

  1. Sri Lankan airlines serve up good food – I agree that long haul flights are expensive but I’d be willimg to pay a bit more to upgrade to a decent meal!

  2. I agree with Vakeel Bibi, let us pay a bit more if we choose to on board and get a better meal!

  3. How about an in-flight m & s / waitrose or even a restaurant section?

  4. Do you think that if you paid more, you would be getting a better meal or better packaging? I like the idea of restaurant selections though. Is there any space on a plane?
    I worked for an M&S factory once during the school hols. We made sandwiches. Things were picked up of the floor and bunged in. I’m sure practices have improved but I will never forget it. Going off subject slightly but we seem to have a perception of high end brands deliver better food – not always.

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