Fruit In A Pill

A new supplement was launched in the UK today called Juice Plus+ promising to give us the same vitamins as our recommended five a day fruit and veg.  Thing is, a while back the government said it just made the five a day portion up as it was catchy and a number that was easy to remember.

Anyhow, the pill is being promoted to those with busy lifestyles who now no longer need to count or think about their five a day.   I find it difficult to believe the pill is just as good as the real deal and am sceptical of supplements in general with regards to actual absorbtion of vitamins by our body.  Eating fruit is a pleasure even in Britan where most of it enters the country frozen/unripe.

Will someone please invent bits of melt-in-the-mouth cling film that taste like macaroni cheese so those of us with busy lifestyles don’t have to bother grating cheese, waiting for it to cook in the oven, chewing it and doing the dishes (but still give the fat content?)


4 Comments to “Fruit In A Pill”

  1. What lazy eating! It can’t be right that you get all of your nutrition from a pill! I also hate those biscuits you can eat instead of breakfast! Who hasn’t got 10 mins to eat a bowl of cereal??

  2. Who has time to sit down and eat breakfast!! Those biscuits are fab! I always have breakfast but around 10am at work and nibbling a biscuit is ideal for when I’m busy! I would also pop this wonder pill but it would have to come with some proof that my body would actually absorb the vits rather than pee them out!

  3. I have many friends who nourish themselves on vitamin supplements. I personally love fruit and veg too much to get into this but I can see that we will soon get to a day where food will not be necessary and our bodies will be living off of pills. My husband makes me eat breakfast every morning. I too would happily rush out of the house without this meal and sleep is far too important to miss out on and I can grab breakfast on the go.

  4. Juice Plus+ isn’t a supplement and that’s why over 30 clinical studies, with results published in respected medical publications show it’s absorption. It’s easy to do your research. Two of the 25 medical establishments where research was conducted were Kings College, London and University of Birmingham, England. Here is a link to more information:

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