Murdoch Pulls Out of BSkyB

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Rupert Murdoch has withdrawn his bid from the BSkyB takeover. He didn’t even wait for the verdict of the House of Commons’ vote. Well who could blame him. I think even he knew that his influence over British politics had come to an end.


For once politicians were united and were behind the public in its view. In fact, some would say that the public gave the politicians a get out clause. For so long now the tabloids have held a noose around the necks of those in the public eye. Even if the politicians wanted to move away from the gutter press they couldn’t without the tabloids destroying people’s careers.

It was reassuring to see how all the political leaders started distancing themselves from the Murdoch empire and its unethical practices, leaving the man himself standing firmly with his tail between his legs. In Ed Miliband words, “it is a victory for people up and down this country who have been appalled by the revelations of the phone hacking scandal and the failure of News International to take responsibility”.

However, there is something in this whole story which just does not make sense to me? What hold does Rebecca Brooks have over the Murdochs? My mother-in-law and I wondered whether she was having an affair with one of the Murdochs…..

Any assumptions??? Because it is amazing that a woman who has cost News International billions is still flavour of the month.



4 Comments to “Murdoch Pulls Out of BSkyB”

  1. Bunty and Bubbly! you consider yourselves feminists and yet when you question why Rebekah Brooks (correct spelling) is still in charge, you conclude an affair! Maybe she has a rare talent and insight that Murdoch appreciates and he is loyal to those that he admires. Murdoch would not care two hoots about who Rebekah is having sex with when it threatens his empire. The tabloid press lives on in your blog, it appears.

  2. ms brooks stands between the chashing pack and james murdoch if they fire her he becomes front man.
    she as no hold it is just self presevation .

  3. EHC, bunty and I are not the same person…

    It never crossed my mind that there could be sexual reasons for RB still keeping her position. For me it seems more likely that she knows so much about the alleged criminal activity and who did what – across the whole of News International – that if she went down she wouldn’t go alone. The company’s UK operations are small compared to the US and eyebrows are being raised there now re News International’s practices there too. This will be of much more concern to RM he has spent his whole life building his empire. It would be naïve to think illegal practices were confined to the UK.

  4. Hmm why hasn’t she been sacked? It is an interesting question.The only way she would go, I imagine, is with a very cosy deal and to sign a confidentiality clause, however .. what’s in it for her to sign such an agreement? She must know too much!

    That must also be the reason why she is not resigning – although the stress would reduce for her in answering Committee questions if she is no longer at the helm of News International.. why should she resign and be releated to has-beens? She would never work in media again and she is still young and clearly talented, if somewhat fruity with her morals.

    If RM packs his UK bags and moves his media empire out of here then think about what is left … The Indy, owned by a russian oligarch (fit to own media groups?) is thinking about making it a free paper which would surely be the end of the Guardian et al. Also, Desmond, the porno king, is making all his newspapers and Channel 5 blatantly all about tits and fit lesbians (is HE fit to own media groups?) If RM stays, he is in good company.

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