You’ve Been Knobbed

I can imagine there have been many women who have thought about chopping their man’s penis off but how many actually do it.  I read this story on BBC news on Catherine Kieu Becker and was totally aghast. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like for any man to wake up to his wife castrating him.

The story is rather gruesome as she drugged his food, castrated him and then threw he penis in a waste disposal unit which shredded it up. Of course the woman has been arrested and will face a jail sentence. However, what I am most interested in is why?

She says because he deserved it. I have followed the story through various papers and none indicate why he deserved to become knobless. In 1993, a woman cut off her husband’s penis after years of sexual abuse. It was termed a crime of passion, however, in that instance, they were able to retrieve and restore. In this case, there is nothing left to restore.

My sympathies are more with the man on this story. I do not think anyone deserves to be castrated. This woman was going through a divorce and would soon have her life to herself. Now she will spend her release from marriage in a prison cell. Was it really worth it?


2 Comments to “You’ve Been Knobbed”

  1. I don’t think anyone deserves to be castrated. Unless they are a serial rapist. And aren’t all crimes a crime of passion, no matter how sick we think that passion may be??

    Anyway, my point remains: this woman should pay for her crime.

    One point to note Bubbly, I believe the phrase is ‘totally aghast’ not ‘totally a gasp’. Sorry to be such a grammar queen, but you’ve made that mistake a few times on this blog.

  2. I don’t think even a serial rapist ought to be castrated – as rape is not so much about sexual gratification as about power and demeaning the person being raped, then a serial rapist would just use an object instead of his penis. Although a great deterrent, it would be awful if a man were castrated and was innocent – and besides, we are not Saudi Arabia.

    Clearly this woman is slightly deranged – can you imagine hacking ANY part of another person’s body off? She is unhinged and belongs in a hospital.

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