Sing For Your Dinner

Last week there was an article in the New York Times offering advice for those attending or hosting dinner parties.  I have to say I found the article a little militant in its advice, or dare I say too American, and the suggestions on offer from professionals far too taxing.

I love holding dinner parties and I thoroughly enjoy being a guest too but if interacting with others becomes hard work, what is the point?  I would not enjoy being asked to introduce myself and state what I need, or tell others what one thing I find physically perfect about myself or even describe my relationship with fire.  Do any of you distribute A List of questions/topics that are okay to discuss at dinner?

I once attended a dinner party in Delhi that was initially delightful, the hosts were warm and welcoming, the ambience was relaxing and the food delicious except…after dinner/during dessert we were forced to participate in their business strategy for a start-up idea they had!  For the rest of the evening we had to discuss potential names for the business and even pricing and locations.  Charming.


5 Comments to “Sing For Your Dinner”

  1. I went to a dinner party which was lots of fun and then we were forced to take part in a karaoke thing. I really hate singing, I am not only bad at singing, I actually don’t find it fun to sing. I was made to feel like I wasn’t having a laugh and spoiling it for everyone else but I just didn’t see why I had to join in if I didn’t want to!

  2. Sounds like your dinner hosts got a cheap consultancy service from their guests.Cheeky.

  3. I hate being a veggie at dinner parties no one makes anything creative.

  4. Shocking!! My veggie parties are LUSH !

  5. p.s. I tried that recipe from Bubbly in so tasty – the one with courgettes and pasta and it is amaaaazing

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