The Scandal Keeps Growing

What a week, News International seems to be getting into more trouble by the day and the other papers can’t get enough of the action.  A friend in Delhi who writes for a broadsheet is enjoying the scandalous spectacle and he writes the gossip column!

The police’s involvement with News International is sinister given that even senior figures in the Met and Scotland Yard seemed to show poor judgement.  Seemingly everyone has their price.  I remember debating corruption with friends during my university days.  Most of them were from countries (e.g. Greece) where corruption was accepted as routine and they openly embraced and accepted it.  A British friend was exasperated by their attitude and was relieved and proud that Britain didn’t accept co rruption- quite naive I think.

Although the average citizen doesn’t experience corruption it does exist only we are better at hiding it under our pretentions of superiority.   As the number of inquiries, committees and resignations add up will people remember who is investigating who under which inquiry?  Is it normal that the former Met Chief should want to employ a PR person who may have influential connections to the PM and what would he want to influence?

I can’t wait to get stuck into my next issue of Private Eye perhaps it will be a bumper edition.


4 Comments to “The Scandal Keeps Growing”

  1. Hi Bubbly,
    The chief justice minister made a rather interesting statement last week on what is seen as corporate hospitality and bribery/corruption. The Met Chief accepting 5 weeks free stay and use of Champneys resort and spa, totally £12,000, is being viewed as corruption. However, someone on the radio was arguing this morning that it was a hugely generous gift and that the Royal family receive gifts of extreme value from leaders of countries who also could influence policy, practice and power.
    Maybe we are just more shocked by corruption because we have deluded ourselves that it doesn’t exist in our country or not so overtly.

  2. I don’t think anyone seriously thinks the Royals have any influence or power!

    I don’t think Sir Paul shouldve resigned. We’ve lost an excellent and experienced officer and London will be worse off without him.

  3. The gifts that the royal family and politicians receive belong to the state. They can then opt to buy them at market value. For example, Gordon Brown received gifts from leaders of other countries when his son was born. He then had to pay for them if he wanted to keep them.

    I think we should bring in the same rule for all public sector workers. It doesn’t make sense that MPs have one rule and the police should have another.

  4. Mysterious Pinkie – I didn’t know that rule about gift belonging to the state. I wonder what happens to the gift if the royal/politician doesn’t want the gift or doesn’t want to pay for it. Is it sold on at market value and to whom? Wouldn’t it offend the giver of the gift if it then transpired that it had been flogged off? Do the proceeds go to charity or the tax payer? And who determines what is the market value – what I mean is, is it not in my valuer’s interest to value something lower than market rate as I will continue to give him more work? Do taxpayers pay to get items valued?

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