JLo’s Back!

Our generation’s Elizabeth Taylor, the most fabulous Jennifer Lopez announced she is divorcing her manorexic husband. While I’m sure it’s a sad day yada yada I LOVE that she is single again and will release a new album soon and about time too.  She seems to be most creative musically when she’s heart broken/looking for love 4th time lucky…


2 Comments to “JLo’s Back!”

  1. I LOVE J LO!

    I have no idea what music is in these days but somehow I know about (and love!) JLo’s new songs.

    And she is the only celeb who has a realistically achievable body for us normal people. She should tap into the exercise DVD market. I know at least 50 women who’d buy it!

  2. She has a realistically achievable body??? She’s in her 40s and has had twins AND has a concave stomach. I think her body is realistically achievable if you have her staff entourage and spare time to work out for three hours a day which is apparently what she does and then has her chef rustle up a carb-free dinner!

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