Wasted Talent

When I heard about the death of Amy Winehouse, I was really sad but not surprised. Valerie played in my head instantly as my mind went through my favourite album of hers, Back to Black. All I kept thinking was what wasted talent.

She was a phenomenal artist who became the first British female singer to win 5 grammy’s. I loved listening to her music but hated reading about her lifestyle. Her marriage to Blake was one of the worst things she could have ever gotten herself into. They say love is blind and in this case it really was.  Blake introduced her to crack and heroine and this addiction crucified her. Despite all the rehabilitation, it seemed like she never wanted to or would recover from her addiction.  I think she had diced with life so many times, that her luck eventually ran out. Whilst the post-mortem is yet to conclude how she died, most suspect it was a drug overdose.

In the wake of this death, I wish the music industry would be able to stand together and support some of their young stars through their fame and fortune. They really do need it.

I have read that she joins other music legends who have died at the age of 27, including Jim Morrison and Jimmi Hendrix. They all seem to have had their own personal battles and in each case, life was unable to bring them peace. Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse.


5 Comments to “Wasted Talent”

  1. So sad to hear this news and very sad that such a talent went to waste. As an addictions therapist, I know the battles people with addiction are involved in and it breaks my heart to see someone destroy their life because of these substances and the high they get from them. There really needs to be more done in terms of education about drugs and addiction. I am hoping Amy Winehouse’s death will teach some people the consquences of addiction and help them to get help for this horrible disease before it’s too late.

  2. She was an extremely talented artist and her voice was beautiful. I hope her younger fans were able to separate her personal life from her talent. I heard on the radio that the UK’s only rehab was closed down! How is this possible? I thought there was a rehab in every major city – bit ignorant. Considering the amount of attention politicians fan around drug classification I did not think it was a neglected section of their health care policies.

  3. Hi Bubbly, I guess they see it as the costs outweigh the benefits. Meaning that its not worth them running a rehab center because the rate of recovery from addiction is very low and the costs of running the center high. Unfortunately they do not look at the few that do recover and stay abstinent for a long time. The closing of a rehab center to me is no surprise considering addicts are seen as the “underdog” of society.

  4. Truly amazing talent but a self-indulgent loser with her addiction.

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