Sadness And A Strange Relief

The atrocities in Norway were I’m sure shocking for all of us as we listened in disbelief at the loss of life in and the sadistic manner in which the killer carried out his killing spree.  However, even while the news broke as a non-practicing Muslim my stomach turned twice: once for the victims and their families but secondly for the wrath of the media and experts ready with sound bites on how it must be an Islamic terrorist attack in revenge for…well the list is long.

There were international experts on every news channel claiming credible intelligence that it was undoubtedly Al Qaeda and of course they are an obvious culprit.  I thought of how much collective hatred and anger there would be towards Muslims and how life would change for everyone in Norway thanks to us.

Once the news emerged of the real killer, his deranged beliefs and that he was not a Muslim, no channel or newspaper apologised for jumping to conclusions and fuelling Islamophobia.  Though I am non-practicing Islam is the religion of those I love the most in the world and I don’t appreciate hatred and prejudice of any kind, even the Norwegians did not presume it was an Islamic attack.  The media need to stop being hysterical and think before they react.


3 Comments to “Sadness And A Strange Relief”

  1. I have to say Bubbly, that I wholeheartedly agree with you. I do also think that the world is quite shocked that it was a Norwegian extremist who as his lawyer says is clearly insane. After all the press, I think people did expect this to Al Qaeda. As you say, this was media generated Islamophobia.

  2. I was also shocked to hear comments such as “this hass all the hallmarks of an Al Qaeda attack”. Why? Car bombs are the weapon of choice for many terrorists including eta, the IRA to name but a few. However, a pre-meditated sniper attack planned to perfection does not bear any such resemblance to Al Qaeda whatsoever.

  3. I’m a Muslim and felt a strange relief that this maniac wasn’t pretending that his massacre was in honour of some stupid misguided jihad.

    However Islam was not too far away from his thoughts as apparently he did it because he wants Muslims banned from Norway.

    People like him make me want to believe in hell and hope he will rot in it.

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