Feed The Birds

Most of us have grown up taking a bag of bread to the park, river or canal to feed ducks and other birds. Some of us even put stale bread on a bird table in our gardens for the birds to feed upon. However recent advice from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is not to do it.

Yesterday, I heard a spokesperson for the RSPB on Radio London talking about the need to educate bird feeders against providing bread. It is hard for the birds to digest, it bloats them up leaving them unable to eat healthy digestible foods which inevitably results in malnutrition birds. It makes sense really. As humans, we have become more conscious of our wheat and gluten intake and some have reduced it entirely. Wheat intolerance is a common health issue and it seems that birds are facing similar problems.

Therefore, instead of taking a bag of bread, we are recommended to take old lettuce (which is very close to the duck’s natural vegetation, water weeds), uncooked porridge oats and other breakfast cereals, cooked rice without salt, black sunflower seeds.

Next time you are going to feed the birds, remember no bread!




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