Legally Addicted

Prescriptions  for pills have soared 70% over the last decade.  Is this good news or bad?  My immediate reaction was to shake my head and lament at the hypochondriacs that must be fuelling the figure and others who would rather pop a pill for their problems rather than take responsibility for their diet or lifestyle choices.  However, I think this could also be due to increased awareness of illnesses and I guess it is better to get treated than have a miserable treatable condition.

Pills make me shudder, I don’t understand the chemicals that are in them and am loathe to pop a pill for any reason, even a headache which I believe would be better cured with water.  I have watched friends and family take pills for one reason only to have to take a significant number of additional pills to counter-balance the side effects of the original pill.  One of my closest friends came off very serious medication that was spiralling out of control through yoga, chanting and increased vitamin intake.  She was incredibly ill and had to take a hand full of awfully toxic pills three times a day and one and a half years later was off most of them.  It took hard work and dedication to her health but it was worth it and she is so much happier.

I admit I am probably a cracker jack as I don’t trust doctors at all but I am also (touch wood) fit and healthy.  Pill poppers out there JUST SAY NO!


2 Comments to “Legally Addicted”

  1. I hate taking pills generally and even avoid paracetamol when hungover. However I do recommend taking Thermobol which is a caffeine pill that I take before playing with my 6 and 4 year old nieces! It’s magic!

  2. I never trust doctors – they don’t know anything. More and more of them are in bed with pharmaceutical companies. The last time I went to the doctor he put my symptoms into Google!! While I was sitting there!! And said “I think you might have tonsillitis, what do you think?”

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