Step-Sister’s Shoes

They probably wouldn’t see the positive side but it’s just as well that the ugly step-sisters never made it into Cinderella’s shoes.  We all sort of know ill fitting shoes can be bad for us.  Not only giving us cuts and blisters on our feel but bad shoes can give us back pain and hip problems too.  I think this is especially the case in Delhi.

Many women in their mid 30s start walking with a wibble wobble which only seems to worsen in later life with older women walking around with visible discomfort.  I used to buy shoes in Delhi as they were so cheap and had fun designs but after seeing the state of women around me I decided it was false economy and stopped buying them – the difference in walking style is noticeable and of concern.  We spend a lot of time on our feet and footwear can affect our health.  This wobble wobble does not seem to affect men, quite a mystery.

Apparently 20 – 25% of Indians are flat-footed and therefore may need modified footwear but it is not on offer especially where heels are concerned.  I’m sure there are other contributing factors to hip problems and so on but we should change what we can.


3 Comments to “Step-Sister’s Shoes”

  1. A bad matress also contributes to back pain although I don’t know if it would give other problems.

  2. But low heel and comfortable shoes look so ugly!

    I have often tried on the comfy shoes in shops, knowing that they will be better for my feet and I can walk to work in them, but they age me by about 30 years – no thanks!

    And flat shoes, especially the ballerina ones with no sole at all, are supposed to be worse than heels, as you end up chnaging the way you walk and grip the ground with your toes in order to keep them on.

    I grew up in the countryside and I used to love walking around in bare feet. In london, I’m far too scared of stepping on something disgusting!

  3. I didn’t own a pair of flat shoes until I moved to London. I love heels, but don’t you hate all those tranny platforms out at the moment? It’s so hard just to but a pair of decent heels for eve wear.

    Anon above – urgh bare foot! You would be walking around on bird poo – I grew up in the countryside too, the ground isn’t clean!

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