Ramadan Rumbles

Sounds gross but have you ever had a three course breakfast in the space of 45 minutes?  Sleepily munching your Rice Krispies, followed hastily by daal and chapatti and finishing with fruit, cake and tea all before sunrise?

The first day of Ramadan begins today for Muslims around the world and how difficult it will be this year in high summer, especially for Muslims in Scotland where the sun hardly sets.  If you’ve never had the pleasure, or otherwise, of a Scottish summer you won’t know that the sun doesn’t set until around 10.30pm and rises around 3am eek!

This is great if you’re a kid trying to dodge bedtime but not great if you can only squeeze one meal in the permitted time frame between sunrise and sunset.  I have mentioned previously on the blog that I am non-practicing and also that I live and work between London and Delhi and so have managed to dodge Ramadan many times.  The thing is I am back in the UK and will spend a month at home in Scotland and although my mum won’t force me to keep fasts the emotional guilt will hang heavy.

Of course I worry for my mum’s health as she grows older and I will be obliged to keep that last fast before Eid: my mum insists that Eid will not be halal without it and that I won’t enjoy Eid dinner – there’s an incentive.  I will moan and groan and stay in bed for as long as possible and I won’t receive any brownie points from God due to my bad attitude but at least my mum will be happy.

Good luck to all of you this year you’re going to need it, especially those of you with small children – you’re mad!


3 Comments to “Ramadan Rumbles”

  1. I’m a muslim (ish) and when I go home I am forced to fast. so I go down to breakfast before sunrise and then have to munch on secret M&Ms through the day.

    and boy does fasting make your breath stink. thank god you cant have sex while fasting who would want to go near you in any event

  2. Your article made me laugh as did the above comment. I wonder how many people have a secret stash and are only fasting because their parents are making them.

    In Hinduism, you are meant to observe Shravan month (around August) which requires you to fast every Monday for the month. It is regarded as the most auspicious month and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Apparently unmarried girls are made to fast during this month so that they find a good husband!!! Married women who have children are also expected to observe it but I don’t because I just don’t believe in it.

  3. I am Indian born (not Hindu) and have chosen to fast for Ramadan over the past 3 years. I love it. I can’t imagine a 10.30pm sunset – and a 3.30am sunrise – that must be just brutal! Good luck to you! =)

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