Please Recycle Me

Two interesting stories on the same larger issue: organ donation.  A man is recovering in hospital after receiving an artificial heart transplant and new applicants for a UK drivers licence will now have to complete information regarding organ donation.

The man who received the new hi-tech heart is still waiting for an organ donor for a real heart so this man’s health story is not over yet.  Is it better to invest in technology so we become part robotic and closer to our destiny as predicted by science fiction or wait for useless people like me to register?

I am not on the organ donor register but it is something that I have contemplated often and I have picked up a leaflet several times.  In general I agree with organ donation and I think it is a wonderful and kind gift to be able to help save a life upon your death so I don’t know what my problem is that I haven’t actually signed up.   I hope the step to make new drivers consider donation will significantly increase numbers, I would have opted in at that point had I been asked.  I’ll get round to it eventually.


6 Comments to “Please Recycle Me”

  1. I thought that if you were in a position to have your organs donated, the doctor would ask your parents/partner etc. regardless of whether you are on the organs donators list or not? Being on the list just means that doctors inform your parents/partner etc rather than have to ask them… the reason that there are so many people waiting is that matches cannot be found quick enough. For example, this guy who has a robotic heart, wouldn’t he need a (healthy) heart from the same blood group, the same size as his heart cavity, and maybe a bunch of other stuff?

    I know I can’t donate blood and so I’m assuming my organs would be of no use either 😦

  2. Isn’t it part of the point that if you are a registered donor then there is more chance that your organ will be preserved and in good shape to help someone else?

  3. I think one of the reasons it is better to register is that you make the decision and your wishes are respected rather than your family deciding for you. If you had never had the conversation with them they might not know what you would have wanted.

  4. What about the problem of a doctor deciding prematurely that you ought to have your life support machine turned off in order to preseerve your organs to helps others? They might think oh she might die but I will save five others..

  5. What about the Hipocrates oath that doctor’s have to take? Surely that would prevent a doctor from taking the decision above?

  6. Would that really happen, vakeel bibi? I hope medical ethics are robust enough to deal with such dilemmas.

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