Parking Con

I have recently decided that parking in London is a con. It is a legitimate way for local councils to fleece its community with unreasonable parking charges, ambiguous rules, limited parking bays and increasingly more double yellow lines.

I cannot tell you how many parking tickets I have received because I have read the board two bays down or paid at a machine in the opposite side of the road. Parking rules are changing regularly and I cannot help but feel tricked all the time.

Now, free parking in central London will no longer exist. Westminster council has decided to eliminate free parking during evenings and on Sundays to increase revenue for the borough.

Whilst I am all for travelling by public transport into central London, I find this really difficult to do with two young children. The tube does not facilitate wheelchairs or prams. The station workers are not insured to help so I find myself stranded asking passers by to help. On one occasion, I couldn’t get any help and had to leave my two years old daughter at the top of the stairs as I went back to carry the pushchair with my other daughter. I vowed never to do it again.

I enjoyed our days out in central London, however, with approximately £15 being added to a day trip just for parking, I would most definitely be looking more locally for things to do with our children.

So whilst the government are slashing public funding to the councils, the councils are recouping their shortfall through us, the motoring public. How much money do these people think we have?


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