Disastrous Dates

After listening to a friend’s disastrous introduction marriage date, where her date spent the whole night complaining about living at home and suggested that if they got married they would be living with his parents, I was reminded of some of hideous dates that my family had organised for me.

Date Number 1: Short, tight and asked a number of questions like what would I cook if we his mum was away and we had lots of guests. I would have preferred, do you like cooking?

Date Number 2: Pendoo.

Date Number 3: Boring. Looking for a housekeeper and maid for his Mum. I would have to become vegetarian and would not be allowed to drink alcohol in the house. I guess he was another Pendoo.

Date Number 4: Great fun but we were not attracted to each other. We did however become great friends.

Date Number 5: Pest. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. At one stage my gran even got involved. When I said that I didn’t find him attractive, her reply was “What has that got to do with anything, just marry the man”. OH NO!!

After 5 unsuccessful introduction marriage dates over a number of years, I decided that it was enough and I would find love the western way. He would ride on his white horse and whisk me away….


4 Comments to “Disastrous Dates”

  1. Bunty, very funny post especially your gran’s comment.

    My mum thinks it is awful to call someone ugly which is one of the reasons I gave for not taking up her offers of introductions. No time for diplomacy even though beauty is ofcourse subjective…

  2. Bubbly – what a fantastic set of dates – I loved the pindoo comments too! I hope they had side partings and combs in their breast pockets!

  3. Oh dear, I am newly back on the dating scene and stories like this make me want to go into hibernation for a while instead of meeting people… I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list of horrific dates soon enough…

  4. I’ve also been on some howlers but I almost love being on bad dates as I can’t wait to laugh about it with family and friends!

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