How To Look Good Single

It has been reported that one of the reasons J Lo filed for divorce is her ex-husband’s insistence on trying to control what she wore.  How dated!

It is hard to believe it is 2011 sometimes.  Marc Anthony had a problem with Jennifer Lopez wearing sexy outfits as she was a mother.  I am not a mother but I would hope having children would not mark the end of my sexy wardrobe.

After all, if she dressed like a frump after having children he would probably divorce her as he’d want to run off with a younger woman who…dressed sexy?

Women can’t win.


2 Comments to “How To Look Good Single”

  1. I’m so glad that J-Lo has been vocal about this as so many women would just conform and wear frumpy clothes to please their men. One of my friends was transformed into a grey tracksuit wearing frump when she got married and her husband thanked her conformity by sleeping with a teenager.

  2. Why do so many women “get comfortable” when married? A friend at work can’t cope with kids and now comes into work in daggy clothes no makeup and greasy hair!!

    Marc Anthony married a sex symbol for gods sake! And what IS appropriate for a mother to wear exactly?? She does make some bad fashion errors but that’s because she’s Jenny from the block! I love her, she can hardly sing, is not as good at dancing as her competitors, used to be a thunder thighed hairy Spaniard … She is inspirational to us all. All of us in our 40s should exercise to keep our bums pert!

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