I went to see a play last night at Hampstead Theatre called Loyalty and it was very enjoyable.  It’s only on until 13 August so if you can squeeze it in to your diary, do!

Loyalty is a fictionalised account of the lead up to the war in Iraq and subsequent events from the perspective of the wife of Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff but it is drawn from her very real experience.  Who cares/ I hate Tony Blair/ we know he lied you think,  but actually it’s amazing how many secrets there aren’t in a relationship even if they are of the highest national security and classified.

All the better for us as we are treated to a fly-on-the-wall style show that is witty, sinister and poignant in the current climate of the News International scandal.  Politics today is sleazy but it is truly sickening how much disregard there was from George W. Bush and Tony Blair to the consequences of faking intelligence for their own agenda and how flippantly they engage in selective memory loss when they had to finally face scrutiny as to the credibility of their WMDs.

It’s a play on a serious subject but it is handled with ease and the actor that plays Tony is wonderful.  I hope it goes on to achieve big success and exposure.


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