I was introduced to this game a while ago at a dinner party and recently enjoyed playing with family that I thought I would share it with you.

All you need to play Bucket are pens, paper, bucket (or a bowl will do) and a creative imagination….

The rules are:

Split yourselves into pairs or teams. Give each person 10 small pieces of paper. Each person writes the names of 10 famous people on the paper, fold it and puts it into the bowl.

There are four rounds either as pairs or in teams and each round is one minute long. Your partner or team needs to get as many right in that minute. Each round continues until all the names have been identified. You cannot pass on any name and have to continue until time has run out or the right answer has been given.

Round 1: Pick out a name and describe the person on the paper until the right answer is obtained.

Round 2: Describe the person in three words.

Round 3: Describe the person in one word.

Round 4: Mime the person’s name



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