Tweeting Looters

Social media has proved to be a phenomenal platform to gather fellow looters on the streets of London. Today, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh, confirmed that twitter users could face arrest for inciting violence as London enters its third night of violence.

This morning, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner suggested that violence was being “celebrated” on Twitter to gather momentum as youth gangs from outside of the areas descended upon London’s high streets to participate in the demolition of Tottenham, Enfield, Brixton and the West End.

I found this an interesting choice of words. The Deputy Assistant Commissioner dismissed claims that these youths were disenchanted, disassociated with society, were lacking prospects and were extremely angry beings and considered them to be opportune thugs enjoying criminal activity.

For me, this is a really simplistic view on these riots. Yes, some maybe opportunist thugs but twitter only reflects a moment of thought. It does not allow a person to convey their true sentiments or explain themselves succinctly.

The last time we saw something similar was in the 1980’s when this country was going through similar cuts and their was mass anger against the then Tory government. Places like Tottenham have been promised regeneration and have subsequently been abandoned in favour of East London and the Olympics bid.

As you go down the high street of Tottenham on any day, you will see boarded up shops, derelict houses, kids hanging around on street corners. Today, as I drove through Tottenham to one of my suppliers, you could feel the tension in the air. The streets looked war torn and their was a sense that it wasn’t over yet.

I guess this is a warning to everyone: be careful what you tweet. A simple tweet could be misconstrued.


One Comment to “Tweeting Looters”

  1. Not just twitter…a 16 year old boy in Glasgow has been arrested for inciting riots on facebook. It is hard to recognise the images on our tv screens.

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