What Would You Do?

I remain shocked at the unfolding events in London and other major cities.  This morning I couldn’t persuade a taxi to take me to a photoshoot and had to lug my bags and props around the tube!  What I am unable to understand is the level of destruction that appears to be without thought, cause or even with at least a loose motive of stealing something valuable or useful.  The carnage at a carpet shop comes to mind where local boys are seen throwing carpet samples around the streets.  It simply looks like a bit of a laugh to them, even though they are destroying businesses, areas in which they live and terrifying their neighbours.

What is to be done?  If the police come in strong tonight (or worse and unthinkable, a trigger happy army is called to assist) then things could get a lot worse as this may aggravate the situation.  However we can’t be seen to have a weak police force that is unable to control the situation as that is also likely to aggravate the situation.

It upsets me that people are suggesting that water cannons, rubber bullets and/or tear gas should be used as many of these criminal are just children, but then am I being a wet liberal?  After all, it is also awful watching live footage of burning buildings and a struggling police and fire service and I am anxious for friends and family in different parts of London.


6 Comments to “What Would You Do?”

  1. like the police are saying, where are the parents/guardians? they need to be held to account for their wild/criminal children too.

    it is unacceptable that these people expect society to raise their kids for them.

  2. My sentiments are the same. As I drove to work today, I feared going two streets down. In the afternoon, we were told by Police to shut up our businesses and go home.

    They do seem to be rejoicing in their criminal activities. As I watch with absolute shock, I am left with the sadness of how have our youths become like this? Newsnight last night discussed this and there was an interesting commentator who said that for too long we have provided rights for children and teenagers and we have taught nothing about responsibility.

    Last week they wouldn’t take their feet off the seats on the buses or tubes, they would be intimidating shop keepers, elderly and most would be happy to fight over a cup a coffee. Today our streets are blazing. I also agree with the above comment, where are their parents/guardians? Are they rejoicing too or joining in?

    I am sickened that this is the real world that my children are living in. Once this dies down, I sincerely hope that our government doesn’t dismiss this as mindless thuggery and criminal activity and explore the roots and causes of such dissent, because there has to be a reason.

  3. Where are the parents? They are out with their children. If you look at the 10 year olds they have a 25 year old with them, these disgusting parents are taking their children out with them probably in the hope that the police won’t therefore charge at them.

  4. I no longer live in England and have seen the news from here in the States which is not always objective. From what I have seen, I am disgusted and ashamed that people from my country would act like this. I know its a minority and I have to keep that in mind, but I have felt the tension each time I come back to London for a visit. I see these youths on the street and their language is atrocious. The fact that they don’t have respect for their own parents, why would they have respect for anyone else or anything else? The youth these days have to be taught right from wrong and I agree parents are no longer being parents. They feel “entitled” to so much because frankly they get it from the government. They have been spoiled and spoiled children act out. It is time that they do not get so much help and are taught that they have to work hard to get what they need.

  5. As I am originally from Scotland, I remarked to a friend that it was only a matter of time before the riots reached Glasgow to which he replied “it won’t come this far far as there is not a black community up here”.

    Racist, yes, but the media certainly has shown us a predominantly black ciminal during the riots, and yes, white people joined in too but only on the periphery and with their black friends.

    This is a result of black children that have grown up with a single parent in poor surroundings. Where are the fathers of these criminals? I don’t care how racist this sounds but you cannot blame the parents of people for all of their lives – our law recognises that you are criminally responsible at 10 years old, which means you yourself know what is right or wrong, no matter what parenting you have had.

    Having said that, a young Asian man faces similar problems to a young black man – probably worse, if he is a Muslim as well. Why were they not involved in the carnage? Because their parents, not single parent, have control over them.

    and finally, can we stop saying the youths the youths – a lot of the criminals were in their 30s for gods sake – that is some youth!

  6. I think the looters are just greedy and lazy – they all just wanted something for nothing and to live out their supermarket sweep fantasies. I’m going to sound like a real grandma now but loads of kids now just want to be rich and famous without getting and education and working for a living.

    I’m not sure the race observation is entirely fair as the Miss Selfridge arsonist in Manchester was filmed while he set light to the shop and was a white hoodie. Also as the list of people convicted starts to be revealed (I think the name and shame tactic is very good) the demographic of criminals is very wide indeed including white rich girls and even a primary school teacher.

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