Flower Power

Milk thistle to cure hangovers from hell or liquorice for your annoying tickly cough, did you know that many herbal remedies still lack clear safety warnings even though these are regulatory?  The EU passed a rule this year requiring important safety information such as taking the contraceptive pill and St John’s wort is not advisable…unless you want some unexpected good news!

It is interesting that companies that want to improve our health or cure a problem do not communicate simple health warnings of possible allergies or medical conditions that could worsen from consumption.  I wonder if these companies simply haven’t caught up with the red tape.  Just because the medicine is herbal doesn’t mean it’s good for all of us.


7 Comments to “Flower Power”

  1. Interesting – one of my friends has suffered from depression all of his life (since a childhood friend of his was killed while they were messing around on a factory rooftop) .. I digress, well he was on medication and started to use St Johns Wort as a “natural” supplement to aid his mental health.

    It had a huge reaction with the medication that he was on and the result was a return to severe depression – he split up with his girlfriend of many years, failed all his exams and was intolerable.

    I remember looking into St Johns Wort at the time and it is a dangerous thing to take PARTICULARLY if you are not that depressed, you should not treat it as a harmless pick-me-up.

  2. I use herbal remedies regularly. I always use milk thistle after drinking to prevent hangovers. It transformed my social life as I had stopped drinking for a while due to the effects it had on my stomach the next day. But I agree, these herbs very very rarely carry health warnings. In fact, I find that most of them don’t even say what they are good for on the packet – you have to do your research online or elsewhere.

    Another one that seems to be escaping the eyes of regulators is chinese medicine. I used to have acupuncture done to help with an ailment. Every time I went, the ‘doctor’ tried to sell me at least £50 of herbal remedies, with all the ingredients and instructions in Chinese. I as a rule don’t take anything if I don’t know what’s in it, so I refused to buy from them. Their pushiness got so annoying that I actually stopped going to get acupuncture and now do more yoga instead.

  3. I took raspberry leaf tea while I was pregnant ad boy did it work. I do feel that it does need more information as it is quite severe and can have serious side effects.

    I totally agree the people shouldn’t take anything herbal if they don’t know what is in it.

    My mum sees a reflexologist who has all sorts of quals on herbal remedies. She is so knowledgeable about this area that her remedies have helped my mum through rheumatism and menopause.

  4. Bunty – would you tell us what your mother took to help her through menopause? I got my mum some black cohosh (think that’s what it was called) and it was rubbish.

  5. I just wish one of those slimming herbal remedies actually worked… I have spent so much money on them over the years. Why can’t we have our cake and eat it???

  6. I think that non-herbal rememdy ALLI works wonders and gets you super slim super quick .. although apparenty there are some unsavoury side effects! ICK

  7. Twinings have brought out a new morning detox tea containing milk thistle with citrus flavours do you think it would work with hangovers?

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