Grazia Slims Duchess

I read today that Grazia magazine admitted to digitally slimming the Duchess of Cambridge for the cover of their Royal Wedding edition.  The article written in the Guardian touches on a number of celebrities who have fallen prey to the digital retouching as if it isn’t common practice.

A very good friend of mine is a photographic retoucher for a number of top photographers and works on covers of Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan etc… His job is to hide the unwanted spots, cellulite, bumps and lumps. It is common practice and it happens everyday to all celebrities who find themselves on the cover of magazine or in photo shoots.

Grazia have said that their intention was not to imply that the Duchess needed slimming, however, their practice has once again raised questions on how the female body is portrayed in the media and its impact on society.

Last year I created a photo album for a friend. Whilst she loved the present, I had included a picture that I hadn’t been retouched in photoshop to make her look better. She picked up on this immediately and suggested that I should have.

It seems we live in a day when everyone has access to digitally retouching photographs and vanity affects us all.


5 Comments to “Grazia Slims Duchess”

  1. Apparently they changed her arms too if you look at the cover her arms are identical as grazia copied and flipped it looks pretty creepy.

    I think extreme vanity is a really ugly trait to have. Loving yourself is great but some people do to such an extent it is pathetic and laughable – like those people that have professional photographs of themselves around their house and even on their bedside table!

  2. But the Duchess is so pretty and super skinny anyway. So why the need??? I don’t get it…

  3. I don’t understand! In your article you say that Grazia have admitted to digitally slimming the Duchess and then you say that Grazia did not intend to imply that she needed slimming. Then why do it?

  4. Apparently Grazia were trying to get a photo of Kate on her own and needed to airbrush Wills out of the photo, hence the slimming. Sounds rather lame to me.

  5. That doesn’t sound very plausible does it? I suppose she could equally have been “padded out” to airbrush him out. And the identical arms are creepy!

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