Millionaire’s Row

The pretty daughter of a millionaire made headlines yesterday as one of London’s scum-of-the-earth looters.  Shocking, yes, but is she not following in the glamorous footsteps of her potential role models that the media helps to promote?

Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Pete Doherty and the late Amy Winehouse all showed these younguns it’s perfectly acceptable and could significantly increase your celebrity profile if you had a prison record.  The media lavished attention on them mocking their behaviour, not really taking it seriously.  Unfortunately for ‘normal people’ having a criminal record impedes our opportunities.

I remember a few years back groups of children were asked about their career aspirations and ‘being famous’ was top.  It was seen as the path to riches and free stuff.  Well the London riots showed these brats that they don’t even need to be famous they can just smash and grab what they want.

Perhaps when gossip columns and magazines promote bad behaviour of celebrities they should add a disclaimer: don’t try this at home you will end up in jail, not be able to vote and find it difficult to find a job or even travel abroad for work or a holiday.


2 Comments to “Millionaire’s Row”

  1. I couldn’t agree more – one of my younger cousins was banned from driving while still in her teens – something that I would have found devastating and hugely embarrassing. I am sure she thought it was funny and bragged about it.

    At the risk of sounding ancient, the younger generation are the vainest ever – they all cannot believe how beautiful they are and can’t wait to see more photos of themselves on their dull social network sites. ALL of them have a “pose” face. I used to have a friend at uni who would always pose in photos and we used to rip the p1ss out of her for it, but now that pose face is the norm! A friend told me her teenaged daughter is obsessed with people (even strangers) liking her photos on Facebook – she competes with her friends to see how many loser perverts like them! And what does this girl want to do when she grows up – “marry someone rich”.

  2. Probably Vakeel Bibi.There was research done a couple of years ago in Newcastle asking 16 year olds what they wanted to do. They wanted to be WAGS.
    Really aspirational!

    Bubbly, I agree. The sensationalism of celebrities in trouble with the law has made it cool to be in trouble.

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