Who Wants To Be A Skillionaire?

If someone in your family is feeling down that they didn’t get the grades for university or they don’t want to go into further education and a could be a little confused as to what they should do, a new rich list might give them a boost or inspiration.

The City & Guilds Vocational Rich List is comprised of Britain’s filthy rich billionaires and millionaires who started on their path to riches through apprenticeships, understanding their natural skills and abilities and entrepreneurship.  Some of the people on the list were immigrants and people from underprivileged backgrounds.

I think determination and passion are far more important qualities for success than a degree – although I am a post grad I am not in a degree related job.  London, particularly the fashion and PR industry, survives and thrives on internships which I think can be good for young people who are unsure what they want to do or have an overly glamourised idea of what a particular job entails.

Top Ten Skillionaires:

1 Sir Anthony Bamford (industry): £2.15bn

2 Laurence Graff (diamonds): £2bn

3 John Caudwell (mobile phones): £1.5bn

4 Sir James Dyson (industry): £1.45bn

5 Sir Terry Matthews (telecoms): £1.4bn

6 Jim McColl (industry): £570m

7 Trevor Hemmings (property & leisure): £550m

8 Sir David McMurtry (industry): £450m

9 Sir Arnold Clark (car sales): £430m

10 Steve Morgan (property and construction): £400m

Also included in the list are Deborah Meaden, Charan Gill and Delia Smith.


One Comment to “Who Wants To Be A Skillionaire?”

  1. With too much focus on university education to better your prospects, it just shows that skills and hard work are essential ingredients.

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