TV Times Up!

A new study in Australia found that watching TV for an hour a day can reduce our life expectancy by 22 minutes per hour! Is this a silly season story or should we be worried?

The researchers from the University of Queensland found that regular TV viewing for long periods is as harmful as smoking and obesity and premature death is likely to be cardiovascular.  I don’t watch TV at all when I am in India as I find it infuriating and the advertisements are even worse as they are the ultimate sexist rubbish.  However, when I’m home I am a sofa detective on CSI, I watch Gordon Ramsay with my sister and we catch a Sex and The City repeat if it’s on.  Although this is not daily viewing, it’s more than 1 hour in one sitting.

2 hours of TV per day means you reduce your life expectancy by 1.5 years for women and 1.8 years for men.  Well, at least I am not a smoker or obese, what a health hazard.  No one ever died by watching too much TV on CSI…


4 Comments to “TV Times Up!”

  1. This is ridiculous! I sit or lie and read for hours at night, is that killing me too?

  2. I agree with person above – why is TV singled out specifically? I sit at my desk for 6 hours a day, sometimes more, staring at my computer screen. Is that killing me?

  3. Well, the BBC was running a story today about 15 minutes of exercise increasing our life expectancy so maybe if we exercise while we watch tv it cancels out.

    I think it is silly season.

  4. I heard this on the radio today and my first though was what a load of rubbish.
    Yes, what about us all who spend our days in front of a computer.

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