Gold Digger

Following on from Bubbly’s theme of gold accessories in your wardrobe, did you know that Asian neighbourhoods are being targeted by burglars for their gold? The months of July and August are particularly bad as they are notorious for Asian weddings.

The record high prices of gold as a commodity means that it is far more valuable than any high tech entertainment system or even a car. Asians are being targeted for the purity of their gold jewellery which consists of 18 or 24 carat. Households are being watched and multiply raided. One house in Kenton, London, was burgled twice in a month and women in the area have been urged not to wear their gold jewellery in the streets due to a number of muggings.

So whilst gold is fashionable, donning fake gold may just be the sensible option!


3 Comments to “Gold Digger”

  1. After a spate of buglaries in our area which seemed to target Asian households, my mum keeps our gold at the bank where it is much safer. She was also advised to take photographs of all the jewellery in case a claim to an insurance company were ever made.

    We have never been burgled thank goodness, but the sad thing is that these sorts of things are “inside jobs” as how do the theives know where the jewellery is kept?

  2. Another thing to be careful of is that insurance companies will only let you claim a certain amount for each item of jewellery. The cap is never going to be enough to cover the cost of any Asian gold jewellery. Banks are safe as long as no one breaks into the bank!

    The other option is to have your jewellery valued and insure it separately. Keeping receipts is a good idea, as well as taking pictures of you wearing it, proving it is yours.

  3. Thanks for the tips City Slave. Our house contents insurance is up for renewal so I think I will be including it.

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