Just Like China

Yesterday, Radio 4 reported that China were quick on the mark to applaud the British government’s stance on banning social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and imposing curfews in the wake of future riots. Britain’s post riot tactics seem to be focussed around creating a largely policed state which is only too familiar for the Chinese authorities.

A few months ago, Britain condemned governments in the Arab world for their attempts to ban social media sites, stating it would be violating human rights. Social media played an important part in those demonstrations and enabled the collapse of an oppresive regime.

It is interesting that the only country in the world that has publicly supported such a ban is a country where the population are still highly controlled by the government.

So now, China and Britain can be even closer friends. Can you imagine? We won’t just import their goods, we will now share government policies and tactics on how to deal with a troublesome population. They may even consider buying our debt as well as the American’s to stabilise our economy.


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